A special thanks from Accelerooo


I<3NYE is hosted by Accelerooo, as an appreciation event for friends and followers of their cutting-edge teleportation technology, the InstaGate.


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About Accelerooo and the InstaGate technology

Quantum teleportation was cracked by a team of scientists at UC-Berkeley and CERN, led by innovative thought leader and Fields Medal recipient, Dorian Winechild.

Winechild moved to the private sector, founding Accelerooo, and raising a record, overnight round of VC financing to apply teleportation to the transportation of bulk cargo.



How does it work?

Reaching absolute molecular reconstitution through thermal induction vibration terminals provided a unique challenge to scientists. Research proceeded on the crudely conceived idea of an instrument that would not only provide inverse reactive current, for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters.

A breakthrough occurred when the foreward-base phase conductor was simply reintegrated into the force phase converter. The lineup consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzelvanes, so fitted to the ambifacient lunar waneshaft that sidefumbling was effectively prevented. A revolution that provided the means to ship multiple parcels with minimal degradation.


Human transport

Following the successful teleportation of rats from Shenzhen, Accelerooo turned research & development toward human teleportation, and the InstaGate was born.

Although the technology is not yet public, extensive, early, top-secret human trials have pushed us extremely close to Accelerooo’s target goal of 94% molecular reconstitution of living participants, and the newly-formed regulating body the Teleport Authority, have issued their highest safety rating.



A thank you to our investors

With plans to bring instant, one-click order fulfillment to select American cities in 2023, you, as one of our investors, shareholders, or Beta testers, are the VIPs invited to be among the first to travel in this revolutionary new modality.

This New Year’s Eve, from Accelerooo’s corporate headquarters in SoMa, travel from San Francisco to Manhattan, and back.


Our shared vision

Imagine a smaller, more peaceful world. Transportation accessible for all, with fast movement around the globe. Fresh grapes from Nicaragua, fresh Tuna from the Tsukiji fish market, zero fossil fuel, a cashmere sweater picked from baby goats in Mongolia and stitched together at a factory in Bangladesh - still warm! A greener and cleaner planet never looked or tasted so good!

Thank you for making this vision part of our future!

- Chad Lightly, Director of Public Relations, Accelerooo


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