Get Drunk ‘n’ Donate

I❤️NYE is catered by Get Drunk ‘n’ Donate, who are serving bottomless bubbles to get you buzzed at the benefit!

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About our caterer

Get Drunk ‘N’ Donate has earned an esteemed reputation in catering excellence from their high-profile fundraisers in exciting destinations around the globe, from Colombia to Russia to Turkey to Mar-A-Lago to the Cayman Islands.

Staffed by artists, our servers are off-off Broadway stars, and bleeding heart leftists who care deeply about causes like the melting polar ice caps, the bleaching of coral reefs, access to reproductive healthcare, civil liberties advocacy, and more.

Headquartered on the top of Mount Dasani on the Isle of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, forged from the utopian dream of escaping dictatorial oppression, thus providing a haven from draconian tax and labor laws, staff have been liberated from the persecution of steady employment through self-ownership and are flexible on monetary compensation.

We thank you in advance for the obscene wealth you plan on donating. All donations to Get Drunk ‘N’ Donate are private, untraceable, and no one’s business but your own.

Infinite good with zero waste

It’s possible to host an event without creating more landfill!

Upon arrival, you will be issued a reusable solo cup to label with your name. Your bubbles are only bottomless if you can priovide your cup. New cups will cost $10 and may also cost you a public shaming by Get Drunk ‘n’ Donate servers.


What cause are we raising money for this time?

The Setup

A member of our community, who shall remain nameless, has been lending some (very expensive!) audio gear to ...well, most of the events you may have gone to in the last few years: Priceless, Come Together Campout, Mile High, Cluster*, Organ House, 20Mish and any number of shindigs that are, oddly enough, related to the storage of food in sealed plastic containers.

The Situation

This summer, while that gear was out getting cleaned, it got stolen. It's been 6 months and no one's been able to afford to replace it.

The Solution

We’re determined to try to make it better. Let's get our buddy back in the jam creation and provision business. Together we can all help create music & great kiss spots for years to come.

The Breakdown

The first $11k raised goes toward covering minimum expenses and the costs of new community audio gear. If you would like the I❤️NYE artists to be paid for their contributions, help us exceed our goal.


Tickets & fundraising details:

Unpaid serving opportunities are available at Get Drunk ‘n’ Donate. Start your exciting new career today: